Dustin Takes Time Out to Meet Namesake Service Dog for Military Veteran

Dustin Johnson with Service Dog

In the lead-up to the February 2019 Genesis Open, Dustin Johnson got to meet his namesake – and it was for a reason far more meaningful than matching monikers.

During his final practice round prior to the Genesis, DJ took time out at Riviera Country Club to meet another “DJ” – this one a beautiful, 4-year-old black English lab named after the world-famous golfer who shares the initials.

Canine DJ is a service dog for military veteran Michelle Luthi of Coolidge, Ariz., who has been living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since she left the Army in 2008. In March 2018, Michelle connected with K9s for Warriors, a nonprofit organization that matches military veterans affected by PTSD and brain injuries with trained service dogs. K9s for Warriors paired up Michelle with DJ and gave her the training and resources she needed to bring DJ home to Coolidge as her daily companion.

Michelle and DJ have formed a strong bond and daily life experience that now allows Michelle to venture away from home without fear of continuous anxiety and panic attacks. When they got to meet DJ the golfer for the first time at Riviera, the positive effects of the pairing were immediately apparent to Dustin, a loving dog owner himself.

Thanks, Michelle, for letting Dustin be part of your special experience at Riviera!

To learn more about K9s for Warriors and the great work they’re doing to help military veterans, click here.

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